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Fast, private, and free

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iOS Shortcut available

Quickly add links from your iOS Share Sheet using our Shortcut. Download the shortcut and enable access to it from the Settings page

Archive, tag, and delete

Stay focused by archiving or deleting links you've saved. Use tags to stay organized and explore your collection

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  • Redesigned home view
  • Removed dark mode, will be re-released in future update
  • Twitter, TikTok, Instagram previews (beta)
  • Markdown support for description (beta)
  • Search link titles, descriptions, or URLs (beta)
  • Removed character limit for link descriptions
  • Click on a tag to include associated links, click again to exclude them. Use the X to clear all active tags
  • Open all links (doesn't work on iOS Safari)
  • Dark mode
  • Read something iOS Shortcut: Open oldest unarchived link (and archive it)
  • Get link API: Fetch oldest unarchived link (tags supported) and archive it
  • Display Mode: Use this setting to toggle between list and grid view
  • Create API: Save links to your collection
  • Add link iOS Shortcut: Add links from your iOS device's Share Sheet
  • API: Create a new API access token or reset an existing one
  • Archive and unarchive links. Archived links can be accecssed from the app navigation